Erica Henderson

she / her / hers

Erica Henderson

Senior Academic Advisor


Location: Anthropology (Bldg 11), Suite 234F

Advising Philosophy

Advisors should bring an open, respectful, and positive attitude to listen to what goals a student would like to accomplish. I do not believe that I can tell someone what they should want out of life, but I am extremely motivated to help them navigate their journey to get there. An advisor should encourage students to have a growth mindset and believe in their own potential. Though some roads may be longer than others, I believe that all students are “college material” if they commit to accomplishing that goal.

About Me

Raised in California, I earned my BA in International Development Studies at UCLA (University of California - Los Angeles). I have been living in Colorado and Ohio for the past couple of years working in AmeriCorps and then as a College Access Advisor. I am so excited to start this new journey in New Mexico! I am currently working on my Master of Public Administration (MPA) at UNM. I can be most happily found walking my dog or trying new foods.