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At ASCAS, we help students develop tools and strategies to navigate their academic careers at UNM with confidence and efficiency, from their initial college speculations to graduation. Our students build skills in determining what they want and how to go about achieving their goals. All students interested in an Arts & Sciences field are welcome to take part in our offerings.

We educate our students on pathways to degrees with strategies, tools, and resources to support their progress. We help students understand ways to enhance their degree by connecting them with opportunities in their departments and across campus, including research and scholarships.

Academic Advisement

We firmly believe that we are partners with our students. Our Academic Advising philosophy includes meeting you where you are so you can achieve your vision of success. We do not choose what you do, but we may suggest options given your interests and goals. You make all final decisions, but we are here to support you in whatever way we can. We advise - you decide.

In addition to supporting your undergraduate A&S degree, we also have staff dedicated to help you apply and get into law school.

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Financial Support

Our Student Success Access Grant provides monetary support for A&S students who may be struggling financially to either pay for their education, or are lacking tools for success due to financial constraints.

Student Success Access Grant

Transition and Success Skills Courses

We offer courses for incoming students transitioning to UNM, and for current or returning students who find themselves having difficulty balancing the multiple demands of college and life. These courses are capped at 30 students, allowing for more student-student interaction and individualized attention from the instructor(s).

ARSC Course Offerings

Student Retention and Success

Sometimes, you have a frustrating semester and you feel that college simply isn't for you. In addition to our academic advisors, we have dedicated student retention staff who are here to talk you through different possibilities to get where you want to go. It may be easier for you to get back on track than you previously thought! We also offer a success skills course, which provides a collaborative and supportive environment to help you develop tools that work for you.

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ARSC Success Skills Course

Undergraduate Student Recruitment

Our Center exists to help students find their way through UNM, whether you are a current or prospective student. If you want to learn more about A&S programs and how they can work for you, we encourage you to explore our offerings and talk with us to learn more. Our Student Recruitment Specialist is here to help you!

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