Online Degrees

A&S has several Online Degree programs. These might be good options for you if you are out of state, or if you cannot commit to coming to Albuquerque for whatever reason.

You should talk with the advisors listed under each program to consider if this is the right choice for you. Many UNM departments offer online courses, so it is possible to get your degree mostly online while doing a traditional B.A. degree from one of our 90+ options. If you're a New Mexico resident, this can be a more affordable option than the online degrees.

Chicana & Chicano Studies
Accelerated Online Program

Communication & Journalism
Intercultural Communication Online Degree
Interpersonal Communication Online Degree
Strategic Communication Accelerated Online Program

Accelerated Online Program

Native American Studies
Accelerated Online Program

Accelerated Online Program

Search our List of Advisors for those who support our Accelerated Online Programs