Honors Programs

For academically motivated students, there are three different Honors programs at UNM: Departmental Honors, Honors College, and Baccalaureate Honors.

Departmental Honors

A number of programs / departments in A&S have Departmental Honors Thesis programs. Designed to provide specialized, in-depth knowledge and training in a single area of study, these progams offer amazing preparation for graduate study and advanced professional opportunities in your area of interest, or simply the opportunity to delve deep into something you're passionate about.

Intensify and deepen your knowledge

Make connections across discplines

Receive mentorship from innovative faculty and researchers

In a Departmental Honors Thesis program, you work closely with faculty on developing your own research projects or assisting faculty with ground-breaking research at a flagship, R1 university. Some of these programs do not have GPA requirements to apply, but ALL of these programs require initiative on your part. It's up to you to choose your faculty mentor, design a thesis project in consultation with them, ask for help when you need it, and complete and possibly defend your thesis to a faculty committee.

Typically, students apply for departmental honors programs early in their junior year (4 semesters before intended graduation date). Admission to departmental honors cannot be granted later than the beginning of a student’s last year. 

Requirements vary by department / program. Contact them directly for current requirements and expectations!

A&S Programs with Departmental Honors

American Studies





Communication & Journalism

Earth & Planetary Sciences



Geography & Environmental Studies


International Studies

Languages, Cultures, and Literatures

Latin American Studies


Mathematics & Statistics


Physics & Astronomy

Political Science


Religious Studies

Spanish & Portuguese

Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies

Other Honors Opportunities

Honors College

Please note that Departmental Honors programs listed above are through A&S departments, NOT the Honors College.

Honors College offers a unique, seminar-style experience for undergraduates that emphasizes deep, interdisciplinary thinking, a focus on primary and complex texts across diverse genres and styles, and engagement and research, both locally and globally.

A&S students can of course participate in Honors College offerings, and many students in Honors College are A&S majors. You can opt to simply take courses, or engage more fully by completing an Honors designation. Students may be admitted to the Honors College at any time, but many students choose to enter at the beginning of their first year.

Baccalaureate Honors

UNM baccalaureate honors are awarded automatically upon graduation on the basis of a student’s cumulative GPA at graduation certification with the completion of the following requirements:

  • At least 60 credit hours completed at The University of New Mexico (not transfer credit)
  • Minimum 3.50 GPA
    • Cum Laude: 3.50 - 3.74 GPA
    • Magna Cum Laude: 3.75 - 3.89 GPA
    • Summa Cum Laude: 3.90 - 4.33 GPA

The Latin baccalaureate honors designations are printed on the student’s diploma and recorded on their permanent record, after completion of all degree requirements has been confirmed. It is not necessary for students to apply for this category of honors. Students pursuing a second baccalaureate degree are ineligible to graduate with baccalaureate honors. You can contact your advisor if you need more information.