American Studies

In a world where social, economic, political, and environmental crisis appears as a regular feature of our lives, American Studies brings a sense of the urgency and purpose to academic study and scholarly inquiry. Our program provides students with the tools to understand their lived experience in relation to questions of identity, place, and power, with classes that offer new ways to not only learn about systems of racism, colonialism, capitalism, nationalism, and gender and sexual normativity as they impact our lives, but also to actively transform the world in which we live.

We are interdisciplinary in that our faculty come from a variety of academic disciplines and our students receive training in a broad range of historical, literary, visual, and ethnographic approaches. As such, students have the combination of flexibility and focus to develop their own specific area of interest and incorporate courses from other departments.  

Our strengths include: 

  • Environmental and Social Justice 
  • Gender/Sexuality
  • Visual and Popular Culture 
  • Critical Race Studies 
  • Southwest and Borderlands Studies 
  • Critical Indigenous Studies 
  • Latinx Studies 

A Bachelor of Arts degree in American studies prepares students to ask critical questions and conduct sophisticated research using multiple methods. Careers for people majoring in American Studies are as diverse as the students who select the major. American Studies undergraduates have pursued careers in academia, public policy, secondary education and cultural institutions in the arts, social sciences, journalism, the legal field, and government. 

All interested students are encouraged to create a Departmental Honors Thesis project to explore a topic in depth and hone their research skills under the guidance of world-renowned faculty. It's a great opportunity to receive one-on-one mentorship and is highly recommended for those interested in graduate school, or for those who simply want to dive deep into their interests.

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  • B.A. American Studies
  • American Studies
Optional Concentrations: 
  • Southwest and Borderland Studies

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