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The UNM Department of Mathematics and Statistics at UNM is committed to preparing our students for a variety of careers in industry, government and the teaching professions; and to advance fundamental knowledge in the areas of Pure Mathematics, Applied Mathematics and Statistics through world class research. 

Key components include: 

  • A comprehensive curriculum ranging from introductory, core and service courses to upper-division and graduate courses to prepare future mathematicians, statisticians, scientists, engineers and teaching professionals. 
  • A vibrant research agenda in mathematics and statistics advancing the fundamental knowledge in mathematical and related sciences through professionally recognized scholarship. 
  • A commitment to professional and community service through participation in national and international societies, New Mexico institutions and organizations, and through sustained support of colleagues throughout the University. 

Our undergraduate students engage in research with our faculty and faculty from other units or the National Labs, through undergraduate research projects or through a Departmental Honors Thesis.

For undergraduates, we offer B.S. degrees in Mathematics with concentrations in Applied Mathematics, Math Education, Mathmatics of Computation, and Pure Mathematics, a B.S. degree in Statistics, and Mathematics or Statistics minors for those outside of the department.


Mathematics is fundamental to the formulation and analysis of scientific theories, is a rich and independent field of inquiry, and its study is excellent preparation for life in our highly specialized society. Active research throughout the mathematical sub-disciplines, spurred on in part by advances in computing technology, leads to new perspectives and applications.

The major in mathematics combines broad study of fundamental theories with in-depth investigation of particular subjects chosen from pure, applied and computational mathematics. A degree in mathematics, either alone or in combination with study in another field, is excellent preparation for careers in industry, academia, and research institutes. 


Statistics is the science of collecting and analyzing data. Statisticians interact with researchers in all the various disciplines of science, engineering, medicine, social science and business to develop scientifically sound methods in those areas. Most course work in the department is devoted to understanding current methods and the reasoning behind them. A degree in statistics prepares students for careers in industry, government, academia, and research institutes, as well as being excellent preparation for professional programs in medicine, law, business administration and public policy and administration. 

The Department of Mathematics and Statistics at UNM boasts an outstanding faculty that includes Fellows of the American Mathematical Society (AMS), of the Institute of Mathematical Statistics (IMS), of the Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics  (SIAM), and of the American Statistical Association  (ASA). Our faculty have received national research awards as well as UNM and national teaching awards and are actively involved with their own research.

Many of our faculty are  formally involved with other research units on campus. The formal affiliations, joint appointments and membership on boards, include: Departments of Biology and of Mechanical Engineering, Center for Advanced Research Computing, Mind Research Network, Nanoscience Microsystems Engineering Program, and National Security Studies Program. The department has close connections with both Sandia and Los Alamos National Laboratories. 

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  • B.S. Mathematics - Applied Mathematics
  • B.S. Mathematics - Math Education
  • B.S. Mathematics - Mathematics of Computation
  • B.S. Mathematics - Pure Mathematics
  • B.S. Statistics
  • Mathematics
  • Statistics

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