Registration Holds

A hold on your registration means that you cannot register for classes. Holds are put on by various offices in the University, including the Bursar's Office and Advisement. These holds require an action on your part to resolve them in order to be eligible to register for classes.

Registrar's Office Common Holds

Check for a registration hold

  1. Visit the LoboWeb Registration Portal.
  2. Select Check My Registration Status. You will be asked to log in with your NetID and password.
  3. Select the upcoming semester and click Continue.
  4. The Registration Status page will show if you have holds, which will be in red.
    Advisement holds have the code AV.

A&S Advisement Holds

Holds Requiring Workshops or Orientations

The following holds will be resolved by completing the associated workshops:

New Student Learning Workshop

Department Orientation

Graduation Planning Workshop


Holds Requiring an Individual Advisement Appointment

New to A&S Advisement
Corresponding hold with New Student Orientation. Holds will be removed during the first Advisement visit after admission.

Major Transition Alert
First of three holds that alert students that they have not yet completed the college or departmental requirements to transition from pre-major to major status. Please review your LoboTrax degree audit to see what requirements you are missing, or see your department's Undergraduate Program page of the UNM Catalog to review requirements. Make an appointment with your advisor to discuss requirements and remove the hold.

Major Transition Urgent
Second hold to alert students that their admission requirements to transition to major status are incomplete. Make an appointment with your advisor to discuss requirements and remove hold.

Possible Graduation Delay
Final alert for students that have not completed their requirements to transition to Major status.
Reminder: Students must be in Major status for at least one year in order to graduate. Students cannot apply to graduate until they are a Major.
To resolve this hold, make an appointment with your advisor or advising specialist if instructed by your advisor via email.

Make an appointment with your Advisor to discuss expectations, course requirements for the upcoming semester, and additional resources for support on the UNM campus.

Upon returning from academic suspension, you must meet with your Advisor to discuss any requirements, petition processes, and other preparatory work to make sure you can transition back to UNM without any bureaucratic hiccups.


If you have any questions about your registration status or holds, please contact your advisor or email