Undergraduate Research

The most common way students get research positions with professors is by simply asking. If you take a class with a professor you really like, make an appointment with them to talk during their office hours. Ask them about their research, and if they have research assistant positions open.

Remember that research looks different in different fields. Maybe you will be observing small mammal behavior at the Sevilleta Long-Term Ecological Research site, or maybe you'll be looking at historic New Mexico maps in the Center for Southwestern Research and Special Collections. Whatever your area of interest, you can find ways to dig into your passions.

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In addition to the informal pathways mentioned above, UNM has a number of programs to help you get started in the research process.

Arts & Sciences Support for Undergraduate Research Experience (ASSURE)

Arts & Sciences faculty and undergraduate students work together on a funding proposal. You will be compensated for your research with a faculty member who will act as your mentor.

Honors Programs

Many A&S departments offer Departmental Honors, which includes a research component. You will work closely with a faculty mentor on a final research thesis.

UNM Undergraduate Research Programs

There are a number of UNM-wide research programs available for all UNM students. Please visit the following links to learn more.

On-Campus Programs (uresearch.unm.edu) ⇒
Undergraduate Research Programs (research.unm.edu) ⇒

Off-Campus Research Internships

The Center for Academic Excellence and Leadership Development has compiled a list of external research internships. Please visit the link above to learn more.

Undergraduate Research Opportunity Conference

Present your work and receive constructive feedback in a supportive environment, including pre-conference abstract-writing and presenting workshops. This is a great introduction to academic conferences and there are a number of presentation formats you can choose. See what research other UNM undergrads are doing and share your ideas!

Many departments also host their own internal days to share student research. Check with your department directly for more information.

UNM Jobs

Some campus jobs reserved for UNM students include research assistance and support to faculty and departments, even if they are not labeled as "Research Assistant" positions. Explore the listings and see if something piques your interest!