Degrees With No Minor Requirement

Most A&S degrees require a minor (a secondary focused area of knowledge) in order to graduate. The following degrees do not require a minor:

B.A. or B.S. (all concentrations)

B.A or B.S.

Chemistry & Chemical Biology
B.S. students can take Professional & Technical Communication and an additional Math course to create an automatic distributed minor (no additional minor necessary). See department listing for more details.

Communication & Journalism
B.A. Communication - Critical Studies in Mass Media (this concentration only)
B.A. Journalism & Mass Communications (all concentrations)

Earth & Planetary Sciences
B.S. Earth and Planetary Sciences
B.S. Environmental Science

Languages, Cultures, and Literatures
B.A. Languages (as a first major, not the second major option)

Physics & Astronomy
B.S. Astrophysics
B.S. Physics (all concentrations)

B.A. English-Philosophy