One-on-One Appointments

We offer one-on-one appointments in person, over Zoom, or over the phone, Monday - Friday.

Most appointments are 30 minutes, but you might want to consider a full hour (two 30-minute slots) if you are an initial transfer student (scheduled in the months prior to your first semester), initial academic probation appointments, or if you are returning from academic suspension.

We encourage you to meet with your advisor regularly so they may get to know you and provide you with information on relevant opportunities for your academic and career goals. The more we know you the better we can serve you!

Our office also offers some drop-in advisement opportunities.

Current Students
Prospective Students
Students Returning from a Leave of Absence

Current Students 

Make an appointment with your major advisor: 

  • Log in to LoboAchieve with your NetID and password. Your major advisor will be automatically populated on your LoboAchieve dashboard. 
  • Click on the green + Schedule button. 
  • Once you select the day and time of your appointment, indicate what kind of appointment you would like (videoconference, phone, or in person).
  • If prompted, please write a short description of why you are meeting with your advisor. 

Make an appointment with a different advisor:

  • Advisors support specific majors and programs. Find the Advisor(s) with whom you'd like to meet:
    Find Advisor(s) by Major, Minor, or Certificate
    A&S Advisors
  • Log in to LoboAchieve with your NetID and password. 
  • Click on Advising Offices in the top navigation menu. 
  • Type in the advisor’s name, the major/program, or the College/School/Center if known in the top search bar, or scroll down to the appropriate College/School/Center. 
    • Our advisors are listed under College of Arts & Sciences Academic Advisement (A&S). 
    • Click on the "Show Advisors" drop down to see a list of programs advised. 
  • Click the green Schedule Appointment button. 
  • Select the advisor on the left side to see their available times. 
  • Once you select the day and time of your appointment, indicate what kind of appointment you would like (videoconference, phone, or in person).
  • If prompted, please write a short description of why you are meeting with your advisor.

Prospective Students

New to the college search process or not sure what you want to study?
Contact our Student Recruitment Specialist at and they can meet with you, give you more information, or help you get in touch with the right people.

Transfer student?
Already know your intended major?
Prospective students who know what they likely want to study are welcome to make appointments with advisors to learn more about specific programs.

To make these appointments as fruitful as possible for both you and our advisors, please come prepared to talk about your interests and goals, and bring any specific questions you might have about a program/major. You can also list your specific interests when making your LoboAchieve appointment.
Examples: "I am a transfer student from Arizona. Interested in becoming a psychiatrist. Should I double major in biology and psychology?"
"I would like to get involved in international human rights research."

Find an A&S Advisor by major
Learn about our advisors

To make an appointment with a major advisor, visit LoboAchieve. Click NON-UNM SIGN IN to create an account. Follow the instructions above to make an appointment. 

Admitted students not yet enrolled
Please set up your NetID and password and follow the instructions above to meet with an advisor.

CNM to UNM Transfer Students studying the Humanities
You can receive research stipends, personal mentoring, and more through the New Mexico Humanities Now! program. Email Danielle at to get connected.

Students Returning from a Leave of Absence

Sometimes, life throws you curveballs and you need to take a break from pursuing your degree. Perhaps it was an academic suspension, a major life event, or it simply wasn't the right time for you to finish your degree. We are happy to welcome you back to UNM. Please email Cam Langner ( to figure out the best course of action to achieve your goals in a timeline that works for you.

In your email to Cam, please include the following information:

  • last time you attended UNM
  • any goals you currently have related to your academic career
  • current academic interests

Students returning after an absence may be eligible for The Graduation Project - contact them directly for more information.