Sustainability Studies

Sustainability is a nationally and internationally recognized interdisciplinary field that seeks creative solutions that promote environmental health and restoration, social equity, and economic vitality. The goal is to meet the needs of the present (such as health, energy, food, shelter, and transportation) while ensuring the satisfaction of those same needs for future generations. In light of unprecedented environmental degradation, social instability, and economic uncertainties in today’s world, the sustainability minor cultivates the complex knowledge and skills needed to secure a healthy future for all.  

Whether you are majoring in Biology, Art, Engineering, English, or anything else under the sun, the Sustainability Studies Program (SSP) is designed to give you the tools and perspectives you need to contribute to ecological and social transformation. Our courses come from many departments, and our areas of focus are Economic Vitality, Politics, and Policy; Environmental Protection; and Social Equity. With faculty from a diverse range of fields, you'll be able to get the most out of your degree-giving you flexible and creative options to create your future. 

Sustainability Studies integrates knowledge and methodologies from the Sciences, Humanities, and Arts to provide a roadmap for students that can be applied to the design, selection, and implementation of sustainable policies, practices, technologies, and strategies. Our program utilizes hands-on experiential learning, research, and service activities to implement practical solutions for a sustainable future on the UNM campus, in the state of New Mexico and for the Earth as a whole. Students work closely with faculty mentors in classes and on a final creative or research project. We also provide practicums on Environmental Justice, Local Food Systems, and Heritage Farming.

We aim to create a collaborative environment of students, faculty, and community members who understand and practice sustainability with access to thriving examples of sustainable communities on and off campus through theory and practice (service learning, research, and outreach projects).

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