Georgia Moos

she / her / hers

Georgia Moos

Senior Academic Advisor


Location: Logan Hall (Bldg 34), North Lobby (waiting area for appointments)

Advising Philosophy

An advisor’s task is to facilitate a successful outcome for students in accordance with the students’ wants, needs, and degree requirements. I am aware of the role I can play as an advisor in helping a student feel confident and in control of their lives against the backdrop of a complicated and always-shifting university system with a potentially overwhelming variety of options to pursue. I aim to make my advisement sessions a safe place for students to identify what they need and to ask questions. It is immensely powerful to know what questions to ask, and I want that empowerment for all students. I also aim to support them in tracking down information and resources when asking questions alone doesn’t cut it!  

My approach to advising centers compassion, solidarity, and a commitment to supporting all students including (but not limited to) students of color, LGBTQ+ students, students with disabilities, undocumented students, unhoused students, and women. There are social realities that an advisor must take into account to adequately serve their population of advisees; recognizing these social realities and the way they manifest themselves in students’ lives is an important part of making the university a safe, comfortable place for everyone to learn and grow joyfully.

About Me

I am originally Californian, but I have lived in New Mexico for a few years now -- the sky here will never get old! I have an MA in Literature, and I continue my research on Literary History (independently, for now). My passions include the history of absolutely everything; audio drama; improv; cooking; divination; and helping to build a kinder, more just world for us all to live in.