Katherine Rickers

she / her / hers

Katherine Rickers

Senior Academic Advisor


Location: Social Sciences (Bldg 78), Suite 1094

Advising Philosophy

My job as an academic advisor is to help students navigate university systems and overcome institutional barriers so that students can accomplish their academic and career goals. College can be an intimidating and isolating experience, and many students find themselves thinking it is nearly impossible for them to be successful within higher education.  It is my responsibility to support and encourage students with open-communication, transparency, respect, and empathy. I believe in a student-centered advisement approach where students should feel safe and welcome to come as they are and express their thoughts, concerns, and needs. Advisors should handle student interactions with care and do everything in their power to foster student success. I am dedicated to working with students through the ups and downs of university life and supporting them with compassion as they work towards completing their degrees.

About Me

I was born and raised in Albuquerque, NM. I earned my BA in Criminology and Psychology with a minor in Interdisciplinary Liberal Arts at UNM in 2019. I later received my MA in Sociology at UNM in 2023. One of my favorite parts of graduate school was working with students as a graduate assistant, which inspired me to pursue academic advisement. Prior to graduate school, I worked for a nonprofit where I helped incarcerated youth reenter the community. During my downtime, I like to listen to music, snuggle with my cat, and explore the beautiful state of New Mexico.