Kyle Harvey

he / him / hastiin

Kyle Harvey

Native American Studies Student & Graduate Services Coordinator


Location: Mesa Vista Hall (Bldg 56), Suite 3080, Room 3077

Advising Philosophy

Yá’átééh. Tłogí níshlį, Kínłíchiinii báshísh’chiin. T’ádoo Táchiinii dá’shícheii, honághánii dá shínálí. Ahó’teegó Diné haastiin níshlį. Hello. I am Weaver clan, born for The Red House clan. My maternal grandfather’s clan is Red Running into Water and my paternal grandfather’s clan is The Ones Who Walk Around You. In this way, I am a Diné man. My advising philosophy is rooted within values of responsibility and reciprocity. As a first-generation college student, I believe it is my responsibility to continue sharing my experiences with students and help them navigate the greater university environment. I believe in the power of postsecondary education and its contributions to the Native Nation Building process. As a part of my responsibilities as the Student and Graduate Services Coordinator for the Department of Native American Studies, I am ultimately situated to provide students with opportunities for critical reflection about how they engage with their studies and plans for postbaccalaureate life.

About Me

In addition to my professional role with the university, I am a student in the Native American Studies doctoral program at UNM. I most recently earned my Masters of Arts in Higher Education and a Bachelor’s of Science in Literacy, Learning, and Leadership both from the University of Arizona. During my free time, I like to travel back home to the Navajo Nation to spend time with family, cook, and travel with my spouse.